Hazmat Trainings

For more information see our Michigan Safe Work website.

SEMCOSHs experienced trainers will tailor trainings to your specifications - your hazards - your shift schedule. Please email or call for more information.

We offer a full range of Hazmat trainings including:

3 hour Hazwoper Awareness

40 hour Hazardous Site Worker

40 hour Industrial Site Technician Level

8 hour Site Worker Refresher

8 hour First On Scene - Industrial & Municipal

24 hour Emergency Response - Industrial & Municipal

8 hour Emergency Response Refresher

8 hour Supervisor Training

24 hour Treatment, Storage & Disposal TSD Facility Personnel

8 hour TSD Refresher

16 hour Incident Management

4 hour Incident System Awareness

4 hour Evacuation Train-the-Trainer

16 hour Disaster/Terrorism Preparedness

8 hour Hospital Decontamination

24 hour Methamphetamine Laboratory Decontamination

4 hour Personal Protective Equipment

4 hour Environmental Release

4 hour Persistant Bioaccumulative Toxics

4 hour Toxic Use Reduction

Please email or call for more information.